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At Bristol Water we've been supplying drinking water for more than 165 years. Covering 2,400 square kilometres of the glorious West Country we supply people with one of life's essential elements 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our core objective is to provide a reliable supply of excellent quality water in a sustainable and affordable way.

Clifton Bridge

Bristol Water's five-year £260 million capital investment programme began in 2010 and is the largest in the company's history. The programme of works is to protect and improve the water supply for customers across the company's region. It includes work to improve mains capacity to meet rising demand for water due primarily to population growth; provide greater security of supply to 185,000 customers in central and west Bristol by installing new water mains and a new pumping station; significantly increase the level of water main and meter replacement across the supply area; modernise some of the company's largest and most important pumping stations and reduce overall leakage levels by 10%.

Bristol Water are now looking for additional motivated and enthusiastic people to help deliver this programme of capital investment so if you're up for a challenge and think you could help, have a look at some of the vacancies advertised here - you'll soon realise how quickly Bristol Water can change shape as our investment programme comes to fruition.


Right now we look something like this:

  • 2,400 sq km
    Area of supply
    Number of supplies
  • 6,600 km
    Length of mains
    Population served
  • 264 million litres
    Average daily supply
    Sources (including reservoirs, rivers, springs, wells and boreholes)
  • 14
    Raw water reservoirs: (the largest, Chew Lake, can hold 20,460 million litres)
    Treatment works: (output ranges from 2 million to 165 million litres/day)
  • 164
    Pumping stations
    Covered storage reservoirs: (the largest can hold 115 million litres)

"Can you help us meet the challenges of providing this valuable resource to over 1 million domestic and commercial customers across Bristol and its surrounding areas?"

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